5 Tips for a Perfect Audition: Actor Advice

Looking for a perfect audition? Well realistically that might happen once in a blue moon, but you can be as ready as possible to achieve a great performance that’s the best of your ability. You need to be prepared and find ways to be your authentic self.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about an Audition

Worrying about your audition will not help you when you get into the casting room. In fact it might break your focus. That’s why there is no such thing as a perfect audition. It would mean you’re faking emotions and not projecting natural and authentic life responses.

Honestly it’s impossible to suggest there is a perfect audition. It can’t happen. Perhaps that’s why some people never score big parts. So busy trying to maintain perfection they forget you have to be lifelike.

Wise Up: Audition Authentically

Has it occurred to you to audition like you live? That authentic idea is what typically we hear about from famous folks who have made it big. Those accidental moments where they got so in the character they forgot they were auditioning in a room full of decision makers. Or maybe they knew the characters so well it was a natural progression to act like they did. That’s why the perfect audition never really happens on the books.

My First Audition was Really a Nightmare

I remember the first time I was at an audition for a part where all I had was 7 words, I was a mess. I spent countless hours memorizing and reciting word for word. My projection of perfection was an endless focus on every element. I was sure I knew what I was doing. I found the list of casting calls, made the right people interested and I got the appointment. That is until I got into the audition room. My perfect audition became a big nightmare as I forgot to do the most important thing, be myself. 

When I arrived in the room I tripped over a chair. then I mispronounced one of the casting directors names, and I topped this all off by reading the wrong part even though I studied those seven words by heart. I was a mess. Looking back I recognize that at that moment I was focused on the perfect audition. Something I couldn’t do even today, because there is no such thing.

A Perfect Audition is Doing Your Best

Going on a Perfect Audition

Are you ready for a great audition? Perhaps it’s not a perfect audition but you more likely will get the part. Knowing that you have all the elements together, you show your best side and you offer your best efforts. All that will remain is the casting director decides too or not to cast you in an upcoming part.

You Can Make Yourself Ready for a Great Audition! Dare we say an authentic, perfect performance that’s your key to being noticed? We believe the perfect audition is one where you are ready and willing to do your best. Here are five tips to be ready for your moment!

    1. Practice and prepare: Make sure you know your material inside and out. Practice your lines, songs, or routines until you feel confident in your performance. This will help you to avoid feeling nervous or anxious during the audition.

    2. Get enough sleep: A good night’s sleep can help you to feel alert, focused, and energized. Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the audition so that you feel refreshed and ready to perform.

    3. Eat a healthy meal: Eating a healthy meal before the audition can help you to feel energized and focused. Avoid eating anything heavy or greasy that might make you feel sluggish or uncomfortable.

    4. Dress appropriately: Dressing appropriately for the audition can help you to feel more confident and professional. Make sure to choose an outfit that fits your character OR allows you to be confident enough to portray the character along with the style of the audition.

    5. Arrive early: Arriving early to the audition can help you to feel more relaxed and prepared. Traffic issues, finding a place to park and looking for the entrance can chew up your time. Arriving a few minutes before will help avoid delays and calm your nerves. Then you can have time to check in, warm up, and get settled before the audition begins.

    Your World Doesn’t Depend on One Audition

    What you need to remember is to do your best, don’t worry if you didn’t get the part because your hair wasn’t green or you couldn’t hop on one foot for 5 minutes. It just means the part You were auditioning for wasn’t for you. Your big break is still to come. Keep your chin up and remember perfect auditions are those auditions that fit you

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