8 Good Jobs on Disney Cruise Ship: Catagories

Jobs on Disney Cruise Ship

Have you been thinking about the jobs on Disney cruise ships? Yes, it’s true cast member can be found on many of the Disney Cruise Line ships with opportunities to bring smiles to millions of people who take a cruise.

So You want to be a Disney Cast Member

When it comes to jobs on Disney cruises it could be called a cruise ship or a cruise liner, but it’s important to remember the people who work at Disney are not called employees. They are called cast members. It’s a fancy title with an implied responsibility suggesting that their jobs are to done with the best intentions for the guests. While some people find this to be a weird term, it’s widely accepted and used on the Disney cruise lines when looking for a job.

Jobs on Disney Cruise Ships: Start here

The first thing to know about the cruise lines is there are different jobs on different ships that need to be hired for. Keeping an open mind and knowing what your skill set is what will help you land a job. Another thing that will help? Research! You’ve got to really find out about the pay, culture and expectations. There is no doubt many people forget that Disney is looking for the best of the best, so being prepared will help you find your way. Even consider checking out how guests decide on what cruise as they explore the options of an experience on a Disney Cruise.

There are 8 types of jobs that you will see the Disney Cruise ships hires for. While the season of hiring is a rotational process, you might find that getting in your application now (instead of waiting until you see the job posted repeated at the job boards) is a great start.

8 Good Jobs on Disney Cruise Ships:

1. Disney Ship Entertainment

Performers such as singers, dancers, actors, and musicians for onboard shows and character meet-and-greets. It’s definitely an acting job on the water. These folks work to make the guests happy and create a one of a kind experience.

2. Hospitality

Guest services, concierge, housekeeping, and culinary positions. Keeping the boat clean and the guests fed, these hard working people make sure the daily needs of guests are taken care of.

3. Youth Activities

Youth counselors responsible for organizing and leading children’s programs and activities. Focusing on the kids and family activities, the cast members who make the magic on the Disney cruise get the young minds involved in some fun.

4. Recreation

Lifeguards, fitness instructors, sports coordinators, and activities hosts. When the guests want to play, there are cast members who make sure their playtime is safe, these folks work hard.

5. Food and Beverage

Servers, bartenders, chefs, and other kitchen staff. Dinner, Breakfast and even lunch need cast members to help get the food out. These folks work hard to make the experience wonderful.

6. Retail

Sales associates in onboard shops and boutiques. The jobs on Disney Cruise includes the retail positions where you have people who help sell souvenirs and get great items to take home.

7. Technical and Operations

Technicians for audiovisual, lighting, sound, and stage operations, as well as engineers for ship maintenance. These cast members make all of the action on the ship look easy by helping keep things running in the background.

8. Marine and Nautical

Deckhands, navigational officers, and other positions related to ship operations and safety. The ship needs to sail and this group of hard working cast members makes sure it safely navigates the waters. While every one is important on a vessel, the most important might be these jobs on Disney cruise.

Tighten the Resume and Be Ready to Apply

If you’re serious about finding jobs on a Disney cruise ship, then you need to ready yourself to apply. Make sure you have your skills on your resume with a descriptive reflection of what you have done in the past. Make sure if you are wanting a particular job that your skill set matches up to the experience expected for the job. Additionally, you will need references. So find people who can professionally reflect on your skills to better your changes.

Make Sure You Clean Up Social Media Before You Apply

If you want a Disney job, then you need to know about the Disney culture. One thing that many people don’t realized is Disney cast members are considered an extension of the company, especially online. So before you apply, clean up your social media and remove any unsavory photos. Like what? Drinking, smoking or any inappropriate behavior. Yes, it sounds rude, but you life outside of Disney (especially online) will be monitored and what doesn’t reflect the best of the company will not be tolerated. There are hundreds of stories about cast members getting fired over images they posted the night before…

Other Cruise Ship Jobs

While many people want to work for Disney, they aren’t the only ship looking for crew in town. Keep in mind that other well-paying jobs are available for your skills. Open your mind as you search and explore the best options. Sometimes you will find it takee time to get jobs on Disney Cruises. Just don’t give up.

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