How to Become a Baby Model [Parent’s Guide]

Baby Model in the Business

Do you have a baby model living in your house? If you watch any entertainment, you might know that baby models are in high demand in the acting business. From infant to age three, the kids are definitely part of the world when it comes to bringing a family feeling to any print ad, video spot and even on television.

Does Your Child Have What it Takes to be a Baby Model?

Acting is a tough business, but with mom and dad by their side, it’s possible to navigate the world of actors as they start growing up. Keeping in mind they are almost too young for acting classes and still could be coached, you might want to consider if your baby’s temperament is right for acting. 

Time to Find the Agent

If you think your baby has what it takes to be a model or a star, there are a few things you should know. First, baby models typically work with an agent. These agents book jobs for baby models and help to get them started in the industry.  To find an agent, you will need to start asking around for recommendations and check out different agents online. You will definitely need to supply a headshot, some background information and do all those things actors do for a chance for representation.

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The baby’s aren’t the only ones involved in a baby modeling career. This can be a great way for parents to get involved in their child’s career and help to support their family financially. It’s well known that mothers and fathers are acting guardians on set so they too get paid for their time. Parents might not be in front of the camera, but when it comes to getting a check to make a certain expression, they certainly will be asked to assist if help is needed for a scene.

A Foot in the Door for the Future

how to become a baby model

Do you want your child to go into modeling? It’s a great way to get your foot in the door of the acting business, but you might need to move to Los Angeles or Hollywood to make this happen. Many baby in front of the cameras grow into child stars and ultimately move on to be famous adults. Even if the journey of modeling ends young, there is still a great opportunity to pay for college with the proceeds of being a young model. Plus, consider how proud the grandparents will be when they see their grandchild on the television

Tips to Getting Started Baby Modeling

  1. Start by finding a good modeling agency. There are many agencies out there, so do your research to find one that is reputable and has a good track record.
  2. Once you’ve found an agency you like, the next step is to submit your baby’s photos. The agency will then decide if they think your baby has what it takes to be a model.
  3. If the agency decides to represent your baby, they will then start submitting him or her for modeling jobs. Keep in mind you might need to move to Los Angeles for the career of your child.
  4. If you are still searching for representation, start reaching out to other parents in the entertainment world who are currently working with their child. There are several Facebook groups catering to a working baby model and parental focus.
  5. Once your baby starts getting modeling work, it’s important to be professional and punctual for all of the appointments. One slip up could hurt your child’s career
  6. Finally, have patience! Becoming a successful baby model takes time and hard work, but it can be a great way to break into the acting business. You have to balance your baby having time being a kid and then actually working as a baby model.

Where Does Your Baby Model Fit?

Some parents realize almost instantly where their baby model fits. Sometimes the child is extraordinarily patient and would be perfect for longer settings for print ads, focused events and even longer segments for video performances.

Other times (and for the most part) kids will be kids and can’t be trained at such a young age and need to be led in scenes and storylines. Whether it’s moving about or reciting lines, the temperament of the child usually offers clues on where they best fit.

Baby Models Are Forever Seen as Babies

If you are wondering if this is a good choice for your child, Consider the first Gerber baby model. Ann Turner Cook, the Original Gerber Baby Model, made a career out of her face being placed on a jar as a child. You could see her on boxes and other products too. Almost a decade later the first Gerber baby model died and the world celebrated her and her likeness. So many people knew who she was and the brand she was seen on. 

In Conclusion

Parents who want to get their child into the baby modeling business should first do some research. The best way to start is by talking to other parents who have baby models and asking for advice. It’s also a good idea to attend a baby modeling convention or meet-up, where you can learn more about the industry and network with other parents and professionals. Additionally, there are many helpful resources online that can provide valuable information about baby modeling agencies, requirements, and tips for success. With a little effort, you can ensure that your child has a bright future in the baby modeling business.

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