8 Tips on How to Improve Your Self Tape Audition

Self Tape Audition is the Key to the Future

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Do you know how much weight is now placed on a self tape audition?

How the digital world changed as a casting directors day is all about watching film so how can actors insert themselves into his or her world? Learn about self-taping audition form, which communicates so much more than just your words, to really understand the impact. It defines your actions, the way you speak and makes it essential to offer emotions and performance before you even meet the casting director.

Self Tape Audition

The possibilities of a Self Tape Audition is the Path to Your Acting gig. 

The digital world changed how actors get jobs. In today’s world Casting Directors are spending their day watching dozens of auditions. As an actor you have to ask how can actors insert themselves into his or her world? Learn about new ways to communicate with your casting director through self tape auditions that give you creative control!

Here are 8 Tips to Help Your Self Tape Audition be the Best

1. Think Like a Casting Director

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of “casting”? What makes someone worth looking at in an audition or meeting, and how can they stand out from all other prospects? The Casting Directors look for quality performance, just like in person, when they watch self tape auditions.

2. Find your Character and Portray Your Truth

Now, there are a lot of ways to build your character repertoire but I prefer using self tapes. They’re easy and quick! All you need is your scripts or notebook so that everything will be right in front of you at all times while reading through the audition self tape.

3. Bring Your Best Character Qualities

There is a way to showcase your talent visually with self tapes. Character qualities like personality, skill set and appearance can help actors make connections on screen. The decision if you fit the part is far easily determined when they know what kind of person you are behind the performance.

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The best thing about having the camera footage is you can watch yourself back. It allows actors who watch the tapes a personal insight into how others see us!

4. Acknowledge the Space on Your Self tape Audition

The audition space is a place where you are most vulnerable and need to take ownership of your self. Bring in elements that offer the world while performing so it feels more creative, like there’s some kind-of connection between what happens on stage with how we live our lives offstage!

5. Ask for Help if you go to a Self Tape Studio

When you’re at a self tape Studio you can always request someone reads with you. This allows you to work within the confinements of your skillset. Plus will even push boundaries further as you play off the other individual. Bring your elements with you and  be comfortable with what you are portraying. 

6. Make Your Self Tape Audition Genuine

Casting directors know the real from the fake. You fine tune your persona so it’s believable and That’s what gets you the part. Agency decision makers are looking for that genuine nugget on tape.

7. Follow the Casting Directions

Make sure you follow all the directions. Required by the casting directors. They give out instructions for a reason. If you follow them then you have a better chance than if you go rogue.

Get Your Auditions in Immediately

Self tape auditions are usually reviewed as they come in. The sooner you submit your self tape, the better the chance of you being review. Once a casting director finds the perfect person they typically will stop looking at the other auditions. While this might sound mean, the reality is that the sooner you audition with your tape the better chance you have of actually being seen.

 In Conclusion

The possibilities of having a job after you submit your self tape audition are extremely high.  casting directors are still looking for actors but because of the virus and our world today they are looking at tapes before actually inviting people in for another audition. In retrospect that means you get one shot on your self tape audition. It needs to be as perfect as possible. And it needs to be you.

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