Which Online Commercial Acting Classes are Best for You

How to Decide on Online Commercial Acting Classes

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Online commercial acting classes and acting workshops are found everywhere. You can find classes in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Miami and the list of cities goes on and on. There are so many commercial acting classes for beginners through advanced levels, it could be difficult to choose which to take. Plus it could cost you big bucks and won’t help your acting skills if you don’t know exactly what suits your interest. You need to figure out what classes will help you.

Online Commercial Acting Classes

It’s Sometimes Overwhelming 

Frankly, since there are so many online commercial classes it can be a bit confusing. Some acting workshops online are great resources.. Especially if the class is designed by a casting director or an actor who is really in the business. Other acting online schools cater to beginners who haven’t made the commitment to be part of Hollywood but want to know more to say they were part of the process. Usually those are taught by people who haven’t really found success in the entertainment business, but know enough about it they can share information as they can project certain points.

The one type of online commercial classes you definitely want to avoid are online acting classes for beginners that offers you nothing. They say or promise the moon and you end up spending three or four hours a week watching others perform as you wait for your 5 minute turn. And your instructor is basically unavailable to answer even the simplest of questions. Even some of the best classes are designed to blocking students from actually engaging with the instructor or teacher. It’s important you know that you have time to engage and master your acting craft without being blocked by a precise format or too many students.

You’ve seen actors – those people who can read a commercial script and make it sound like they’re talking to you. Now do you think it’s possible to be the next big spokesperson?

And you want to be part of that world?

Actors know how to sell the product, what tone of voice is most appropriate for the audience, and even how to find humor in a seemingly dull situation. 

How do they do that?

Acting classes are one way you can learn these skills too! 

Commercial acting requires many different types of techniques that take time to master.

So What is Taught During Online Commercial Acting Classes?

A typical acting class will offer some basics to help you be informed and ready for your next acting job. Or should we say acting gig?

In commercial courses online leading commercial agents and commercial casting directors will demystify commercial acting, so that you’re prepared for your next commercial audition. The sequence of steps allow an introduction into the business and it’s definitely an eye opener! Whether you’re just starting out or looking to brush up on your skills, we believe we have the best virtual acting classes for commercials, and we’re ready to help you achieve your goals!

Are you looking  or online acting commercial classes or online acting coaching??

Check out the different types of workshops and online commercial acting classes and entertainment opportunities that you can search for in your local community.

Commercial Acting Classes

Learn commercial audition techniques and improvisation skills. This is the typical place that an average actor starts at. Whether is beginning mediate or Advanced commercial acting classes are all about teaching you the technique and showing you how to do it correctly. Plus offering invaluable insight into the business of commercial acting. A step further is online acting coaching opportunities where you are in class and then your teacher also coaches you during a one-to-one session. 

Commercial Acting Workshops

Learn all there is to know about auditions, techniques and other skills in a weekend or a short program. Typically a way to get your whistle wet when it comes to exploring the world of acting. A virtual acting workshop typically includes two or three days in a row and will have you move quickly through the process from beginning skills to business to auditions. At the end actors typically have a reel to take home to start the audition process.

Online Ongoing Commercial Acting Classes

The art of performing every week to keep your skills sharp is the premise of ongoing acting classes. Typically used by professionals who have secondary or background work in the business. Using Zoom or another type of online platform actors come together to discuss plots and feelings for further work in the entertainment business.  This acting opportunity is a very intimate acting community setting where you get to meet people and forge friendships in the acting business.

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Virtual Commercial Voice Over Classes

The virtual commercial classes for voice over practice includes techniques, auditions and listening to others learn to speak with inflection. The lessons include practicing commercial spots for radio, podcasts and television. This includes classes where professionally recorded and produced commercial voice over reels are offered as the final lesson for the participants.

Virtual Commercial Acting Classes Learning Techniques for TV Commercials

The skill-set on these classes are different from your traditional commercial acting classes as your audition techniques and improvisational skills are all about talking to the camera instead of away from the camera. It’s an entirely different set of skills that you see daily on television ads.

Online Commercial Classes for Kids  

On camera online commercial acting workshops for kids are typically taught by youth commercial agents and  casting directors. This professional class welcomes parents however focuses on children for roles that are seen in TV movie and different commercials. It’s not uncommon this could even be offered as a summer opportunity or weekend learning setting.

Online Commercial Voice Over Classes Designed Specifically for Younger Actors

Looking for younger actors to heard instead of be seen, commercial voice-over classes are designed specifically to help younger voices understand and articulate to be used in TV commercials as well as radio and podcast.

In Closing 

If you are serious about getting involved in the acting business, it’s time to start researching the best online commercial acting classes and acting workshops that you can find. You might even want to find a online acting coaching service to boost your learning focus.

Over you need to remember that there are so many different entities looking for students that some aren’t as trustworthy as others. Don’t always believe those “amazing” reviews on the websites. Reach out and ask people who have actually been in the classes. Why?   Since the pandemic there have been more so-called  virtual online acting schools created  then ever before. Unfortunately a lot of these places are run by people who have been in the background of a major motion picture, but don’t belong teaching a class as they are not as advanced as they are pretend to be.

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