How to Find Acting Classes for Beginner Actors

Find Acting Classes for Beginners

Are you looking to find acting classes near me? Whether you’re a novice or experienced actor, there’s always room to improve. Acting classes offer you the opportunity to do just that; improve your range, your delivery and even your technique.

Find acting classes near me

They also provide a great way for you to meet like-minded people who want the same thing: to become better actors. However, with so many acting classes available, it can be a little daunting when you’re starting out.

Are there any particular types of acting class that are worth taking? Which ones are best avoided? Is it possible to improve if an acting class isn’t your cup of tea? In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and more by sharing our experience working with different acting teachers over the past few years.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What is an Acting Class?

An acting class is a form of training that aims to improve your acting skills through practice and instruction. This can take the form of acting workshops, where you’ll practice your skills with other actors, or you find acting classes that don’t involve interaction with other students, like on zoom or privately.

Acting classes can be particularly beneficial if you’re new to the acting world, or if you want to improve your acting skills in a specific area. If you’re interested in acting for film or television, acting classes are a great way to expand your skills, learn from experienced actors, and possibly land roles in productions.

The Good Thing About Acting Classes

If you’re interested in acting for a career, but you’re a bit hesitant about diving into a full-time program, acting classes are a great way to start building your skills. Acting schools will tell you how hard it might be for you, based on your skills and level A class is a flexible and accessible way of exploring the acting world and meeting like-minded people.

They’re also a great way to learn from experienced actors and industry professionals, who can offer advice and tips that can help you become a better actor. If you’re interested in acting for acting’s sake, acting classes can offer a great way to improve your skills without the pressure of trying to build a career around it.

Acting Class Nightmares

It’s important to consider whether an acting class is right for you before you invest time and money into it. While there are benefits to taking acting classes if you’re interested in acting for a career, they should not be your only form of training.

Ideally, you should be doing other forms of training alongside them, such as private lessons or workshops that focus on specific areas of your acting skill set.

If an acting class is the only form of training you do, you risk becoming reliant on it and missing out on the other training methods that will help you become a better actor.

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You also risk one acting class that could or could not be helpful. If you’ve ever had a class nightmare, be it in high school or even a class required by work, you know a terrible experience is your last desire. Make sure the tempo, ideas and even the instructor are elements which you can embrace and challenge yourself with.

Take a Classes That Focuses on Your Weaknesses

As an actor, it’s important to take classes that focus on your weaknesses. You might be really good at improv, but terrible at blocking; or great at physical skills, but struggle with emotional work.

If you’re in an acting class that doesn’t focus on your weak areas, consider switching it! It’s important to have a diverse training method that helps you succeed in every area of your acting.

Which Classes are Worth Taking?

Finding the right acting class for you is a personal thing. This is why it’s important to consider the factors discussed above.

We recommend taking an acting class that focuses on a specific skill set that you’d like to improve. For example, if you’re interested in improving your comedic skills, consider taking a class that offers specific advice on this area.

You can also find classes that focus on a specific type of role, such as those that offer advice on building a character. You can also find classes that focus on a specific area of the country or city you’re in. If you’re based in a smaller city, consider taking a class that focuses on building your local skillset and connecting with the local acting community.

If you’re based in a larger city, consider taking a class that focuses on developing a skill specific to performing in a larger environment.

Dressing for an Acting Class

Dressing for an acting class might feel like an unnecessary thing to think about, but it can have a huge impact on how you feel about the experience.

It can be awkward to try and find clothes that are professional enough for an acting class, but not too formal. It’s important to find clothes that make you feel confident, but that don’t go overboard and make you feel like you’re trying too hard. Also don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt looking like you just rolled out of bed as that signals you aren’t really taking it seriously either.

Find acting Classes that are a great resource for your future

Practice and Practice

If you thought the acting classes were easy, you might be surprised to learn the hardest part is practicing. You need to show your instructor and your classmates how you would share the dialog and the script with the world. It takes time to develop and infuse your style with the character’s focus.

Practicing after acting classes (and even before), it’s noted as much until you are actually in the class, expected to memorize lines and even to do an audition to be reviewed by the entire class.

Connect With Your Classmates

Before, during and after your acting class you need to connect with your classmates. You all are going through a unique and different experience. Leaving no acting opportunity behind, you will quickly find these folks are great script practicing partners, people to talk with when you find yourself faced with a problem or a chance to network and get new gigs. There is no doubt you will want to keep in touch as they are on the same path you are on!

Acting Classes Online

If you are wondering how to find acting classes online, you might want to start with the local theater or drama club in your town. If you are in entertainment mecca like New York City or Los Angeles, you will quickly be able to connect with locals who are actively involved in online classes as well as in person classes.

Don’t let location boundaries stop your journey either. If you want to take acting classes online, but you want your instructor to be from Los Angeles, look up the area and find one. There are so many options to have great classes from different instructors.

After your Acting Class

Now you’re back from your acting class, you might feel like you’ve learned a lot, but you’ve also got a ton of work to do!

We recommend starting to journal your experiences and thoughts, and to start creating a training plan to really improve your acting. You can find tons of online training plans, software, and books that can help you.

If you’re based in a smaller city, consider joining a local acting group or attending an acting meetup. These can help you connect with other actors, receive feedback, and help you build your skills.


Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing about our experience with acting classes. We’d recommend anyone who’s interested in the craft to get involved with a class or two, and we suggest you do the same. We used the same principles above to find acting classes in our journey.

You might find that you enjoy an acting class more than you thought you would, or that it’s not for you at all! Regardless, taking an acting class is a great way for you to explore the acting world and meet like-minded people who want to become better actors. the first step is to find acting classes to get started and see where the entertainment world might take you.

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