5 Weird Ways to Land Acting Jobs in Los Angeles

Looking for ways to land an acting jobs in Los Angeles? Let’s be honest! Hollywood and Los Angeles is a dream destination for aspiring actors, offering endless opportunities in the entertainment industry.

While traditional avenues like auditions and casting calls are essential, thinking outside the box and exploring unconventional methods can sometimes lead to unique job opportunities.

Acting Jobs in Los Angeles Can Be Hidden

Acting jobs in Los Angeles

I say if you don’t get a little weird in LA-LA-LAND then maybe you might be left behind. Let me share some weird but effective ways to find acting jobs in the Los Angeles area.

Attend Industry Networking Events in Unusual Places. LA is known for its vibrant and diverse events scene. Look beyond the typical Hollywood networking events. Attend niche art exhibitions, music festivals, or even themed parties. You never know who you might meet, and these events can provide unexpected acting opportunities by meeting the right person.

GO to Hollywood and Highland and perform. Yep, those costume characters not only make money, they get asked for work. You could too. It’s a public place and there is no better way to be seen. Plus, you might be able to continue working on your skills so you are ready for the big screen.

Showcase Your Talent on Social Media Platforms. Social media has revolutionized the entertainment industry, providing actors with an accessible platform to showcase their skills. Create engaging content on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, and don’t be afraid to put your own unique spin on it.

Collaborate with Local Filmmakers. The indie film scene in Los Angeles is thriving, providing actors with unique opportunities to showcase their talent. Attend film festivals and reach out to filmmakers whose work resonates with your acting style. Collaborating with independent filmmakers can result in significant exposure, and you may even find yourself cast in a breakout role.

Engage in Volunteer Work. What you do in your community can help you end up getting a job. The entertainment business is full of people, just like you and me. And those folks, along with their friends and family, also volunteer. You might be surprised how many unique opportunities show up just by helping others!


In the competitive world of acting, standing out from the crowd is essential. While the traditional route of auditions and casting calls remains crucial, it is worth exploring unconventional methods to find acting jobs in Los Angeles. By attending unique networking events, leveraging social media, volunteering for unusual performances, collaborating with local filmmakers, and engaging in our community, you can enhance your visibility in the industry and increase your chances of finding exciting acting opportunities. So, embrace the weird, be bold, and let your talent shine through these unconventional avenues.

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